The Problem
After downgrading back to Blocs 2.3.2, the Icon Library window is blank when I open it.

The Reason
This is because the icon sets have been updated for use with Blocs 2.4 and above, this makes them non backwards compatible.

The Solution
In order to use Blocs 2.3.2 and 2.4 on the same Mac you will need to do the following.

• Navigate to Library/Application Support/Blocs 2/icons/ on your Mac, inside this directory you will see 5 icon directories.

• Now download this and unzip it. Inside you will see the same 5 directories. Within each directory there is a file labelled collection.json. Copy each of these files from the respective directories to the same directory that resides within the Library/Application Support/Blocs 2/icons/ area on your Mac.

Why Did This Happen?
As of Blocs 2.4 the icons are loaded from another file called iconSetData, Blocs 2.3 and lower loads the icons from the older collection.json file.